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Springhill Medical Center is Springhill, LA and the surrounding area trusted healthcare partner for more than 60 years. . We strive to offer you a wide range of services at convenient locations. To find the care you need, click on the name of the service below. Comprehensive information is not currently available on the website for all services. If you need more information on a specific service, you may call Find a Doctor at (318) 539-1704 for assistance. We’re here to assist you in finding the right care. 

Services Offered At      Springhill Medical Center
  • Cardiology

  • Radiology 

    • Mammography

    • Bone Density

    • CT

    • MRI

    • Nuclear Medicine

    • Ultra Sound

    • General Radiology 

  • Respiratory Therapy ​

    • Stress Testing​

    • Sleep Studies

  • In-House Laboratory - Full array of testing ​

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