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Joint Commission
Quality of Care

Quality health care is something everyone looks for and deserves. While quality can mean different things to different people, at Springhill Medical Center we use a straightforward definition: doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, to achieve the best possible result for every patient.

To ensure we meet this goal, we continually track our performance in several ways:

  • Report information on our patient outcomes to national organizations that measure quality of care using scientific-based medical practices

  • Strive to deliver the best patient experience by surveying our patients after discharge

  • Seek certifications and earn recognition from state and national organizations


Your health, safety, and satisfaction are top priorities at SMC, and we want to ensure that we measure up by providing you with the safest, highest quality health care possible. When thinking about quality in your health care, you can rest assured knowing your community hospital is making every effort to give you the very best in quality of care.


Positive Patient Experience

At SMC, quality is more than good science—it is our long-standing tradition of compassionate care. It is important to us that you are happy and satisfied with our service.


To ensure we are doing everything we can to provide a comfortable, healing environment, we routinely survey our patients about their experience at any Springhill Medical Center Facility.


This helps us know if we live up to our patients’ expectations in how we communicate with them, control their pain, and keep our facilities quiet and clean. This feedback helps us learn where we need to improve - or what we should not change.

If you receive a survey from us, please take a few moments and let us know if we met your definition of quality.

To report a patient safety event or concern about a health care organization, use the following form from Joint Commission.

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