Entrances and allowed individuals:

  • Hospital - The Emergency entrance continues to be open 24/7 to patients and those authorized to enter. ALL other entrances at the facility will closed. 

  • Clinics & Springhill PT – The front door will be the only entrance into the facility.


Entrance to Springhill Medical Center and its subsidiaries is restricted to the following:

  • Physicians

  • Badged employees scheduled to work

  • Vendors delivering essential supplies for procedures (screening required)

  • Patients requiring care that are not indicating symptoms of COVID-19


Cafeteria is closed


All employees, vendors and allowed visitors will be screened upon entering the facility


Visitors allowed are as follows:

  • General Adult Hospital Visitors - One Visitor at a time.

  • Geriatric Psychiatrics Unit. - No Visitors at this time.

  • Pediatric Patients - One adult will be allowed to stay with pediatric patients.

  • End of Life Care - Exceptions may be made per administrative staff for clergy and family.

  • Patients Undergoing Medically-Necessary Outpatient Procedures or Testing - One visitor may accompany a patient who is undergoing sedation. The visitor will wait in the patient’s private room until the patient is recovered and can be driven home.