Springhill Medical Center and its subsidiaries are following CDC guidelines and those of the Louisiana Department of Health to protect our patients and our employees. Our goal is to prevent the spread of infection to those who are most vulnerable to this virus and those who deliver care.


Entrances and allowed individuals:

Hospital - The Emergency entrance continues to be open 24/7 to patients and those authorized to enter. ALL other entrances at the facility will closed. 

Clinics & Springhill PT – The front door will be the only entrance into the facility.

Entrance to Springhill Medical Center and its subsidiaries is restricted to the following:

  • Physicians

  • Badged Employees scheduled to work

  • Vendors delivering essential supplies for procedures (screening required)

  • Patients requiring care that are not indicating symptoms of COVID-19


Cafeteria access at the hospital will be restricted to working staff only.


All employees, vendors and allowed visitors will be screened upon entering the facility


Visitors allowed are as follows:

  • General Adult Hospital Visitors - No visitors are permitted at this time.

  • End of Life Care - Exceptions may be made per administrative staff for clergy and family.

  • Pediatric - One Adult

  • Patients Undergoing Medically-Necessary Outpatient Procedures or Testing - One visitor may accompany a patient who is undergoing sedation. The visitor will wait in a waiting area   until the patient is recovered and can be driven home. Visitors must meet undergo screening. 

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