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Springhill Medical Center Timeline

1957 Dr. E.A. Hand built 

a 25 Bed Facility on 1st St 

and named it 

Springhill General Hospital 

1962 Dr. Soileau, Dr. Holladay and Dr. Morris buy the hosipal.

1974 Doctors Clinic opened at its new location 11th St NE in Springhill 

1990's brought change. The hospital came under Columbia/HCA then Lifepoint Name Changed to Springhill Medical Center

2017 purchased Springhill Physical Therapy

2006 added North Webster Medical Clinic

1976 Dr. J.W. Sessions, Surgeon joins staff at the Doctors Clinic

July 2019 
Dr. Samuel Holladay 60 years in practice

1969 Hospital sold to Humana

. Dr. Charles Payne Joins Staff

1975 the new hospital opened at 2001 Doctors Drive, Springhill

2000 the hospital sold to Springhill Medical Services and became a standalone  not-for-profit hospital

1958 Dr. Marvin Soileau

joined the staff at 

Springhill General Hospital 

1959 Dr. Sam Holladay

joined the staff at 

Springhill General Hospital 

2018 purchased Bradley Medical Clinic, Butler-Abshire Medical Clinic and Homer Medical Clinic

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