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Price Transparency


In compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulatory guidance to hospitals for price transparency, Springhill Medical Center (SMC) provides a list of prices for hospital services. For inpatients services, the price is identified by the Diagnostic Related Group or DRG. For all other services, the price is identified by a listing of Charge Description Master (CDM) line items. The prices posted here were effective for services provided on or after January 1, 2019, and will be updated annually. Individual line item prices may change from time to time as determined by SMC.

The documents provided in compliance with pricing transparency guidelines represent our gross charge amount for services and should not be used to determine your financial obligation for hospital services. The amount you may owe for services received are determined by which insurance coverage(s) you may have, including the benefit plan and out of pocket costs associated with that plan. To receive an estimate of your out of pocket financial obligation, please contact the SMC Customer Service department 318-539-1030, or your health insurance company.


To see if SMC is contracted with your insurance company, click here for our list of contracted payers or contact your health insurance company.


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The DRG system is how Medicare and some health insurance companies categorize hospitalization costs and determine how much to pay for a patient’s hospital stay. For more information about the DRG system, go to

CMS Website MS-DRG Classifications and Software.

The CDM is SMC’s catalog of billable items that could go on a patient’s account.

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