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Patient Liability Estimator  

Please note the following with regard to the

Patient Estimate Tool 

  • This is only an estimate and charges will vary based on actual services provided. 

  • Allowable charges and patient responsibility are dependent on your insurance policy.

  • Our charges have recently changed effective 1/1/2021 to better align with the Medicare fee schedule.  This estimate is based on historical claims and remittances, so actual charges may vary from estimate. 

  • Please contact our financial services department at          (318) 539-1046 or  (318) 539-1086 to verify estimated charges and insurance coverage.  

  • SMC contracts with organizations to provide certain specialty services that may bill separate professional fees not included in this estimate.  This includes Emergency Room Physicians, Radiologists.

  • If you do not have have insurance, you are eligible for 66% discount when paid at time of service.  

Standard Charges
Machine Readable
Effective 07/13/2023

Springhill Medical Center

Doctors Clinic, North Webster Medical Clinic, Bradley Clinic, Hospital Based Physicians

Standard Charges
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