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Springhill Medical Center is a provider of healthcare services located in the state of Louisiana and Arkansas, with its principal locations in the towns of Springhill, Sarepta, Homer, Haynesville in Louisiana and Bradley, Arkansas. . Since its inception it has developed and maintained a solid reputation for rendering quality medical care, while at the same time conducting business in a manner consistent with high standards of professional and medical ethics. Compliance with federal state laws, and adherence to Springhill Medical Center's Code of Conduct, has and continues to be of primary importance in daily operation.


It is the policy of Springhill Medical Center to foster and maintain an environment which will heighten awareness of corporate compliance among all staff members and affiliates; will attempt to prevent accidental or reckless noncompliance with the applicable laws; will provide for detection of episodes of noncompliance should they occur; will fairly discipline those who are determined to have been involved in conscious noncompliance.

Our ultimate goal is to positively impact the quality of care provided to all patients of Springhill Medical Center and its Clinics while simultaneously causing business to be conducted in an ethical, professional manner.


Compliance Officer: Stuart McMahen, esq.